Steve Dasovich


Steve Dasovich is an archaeologist with extensive experience in the private sector. He worked for private companies doing cultural resource management, primarily in the St. Louis area and is an example of how you can do both CRM archaeology and continue with a variety of research projects.

More recently he has taken a position with Lindenwood University (St. Charles, Missouri) and is an Assistant Professor and Archaeology Program Director. He recently was appointed chair of the Anthropology and Sociology Department.

He spent part of the summer of 2012 in Belgium involved in the excavation of World War II soldiers identified as "Missing in Action."

He is also involved in several projects in the immediate area of St. Charles and St. Louis, many of which, but not all, have been historic excavations, including Daniel Boonefs residence.

Dasovich and his students have also been involved in the investigation of other early explorers and settlers in the area that was the "Gateway to the West." Be and his students have also been involved in the 2012 survey of the Civil War Battlefield of Fort Davidson, Missouri.

In Florida he was involved heavily in underwater archaeology and compiled a radiocarbon database of dates from Florida archaeological sites that has recently been placed online with an accompanying article in the Florida Anthropologist.


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