• FSU Department of Anthropology

     offers courses in Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, and Cultural Anthropology

  • FSU President John Thrasher and Associate Professor of Anthropology Dr. Tanya Peres look at artifacts recovered during the Spring 2018 Archaeological Field School.

  • FSU Department of Anthropology

    is located in the Carraway Building at the north entrance of the main campus.

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  • National Park Service

    Thadra Stantonarchaeologist with the Southeast Archeological Center of the National Park Service, oversees mapping at the 2016 FSU Archaeological Field School at Mound Field.

  • FSU President John Thrasher learns about the archaeology of the Spanish Mission Period with Dr. Rochelle Marrinan (Anthropology Department Chair) and Dr. Tanya Peres (Associate Professor of Anthropology).

  • Underwater Field School

    Students in the 2017 FSU Underwater Archaeology Field School learn how to map archaeological features and artifacts at the Ryan-Harley Site.

Department of Anthropology

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