Katrina Crankshaw


Katrina Crankshaw, Anthropology major, and Studio Art student and photographer, LeeAnne Steers set out to rural India in the Summer of 2013 to explore education in the Pamohi Village. They were awarded the 2013 Public Service Research grant through the Office of Undergraduate Research at Florida State.

Through what Katrina has learned in her anthropology courses about conducting fieldwork, and LeeAnne's photography documentary skills, the two aimed to capture the value the people of Pamohi village place on education, and how Parijat Academy has effected the village since its founding in 2003. With this project, they hope to raise awareness about the lack of access to education that so many people must face as a major worldwide issue, and hope that through building awareness and empathy about the issue, we can work to allow education to be accessible to those even in rural villages.

In addition to their research, the two traveled across India and captured it's beauty and wonder on camera. This is their blog, which shares and shows their story from start to finish: http://bridging--the--gap.tumblr.com

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In The Field - Photos taken by LeeAnn Steers

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