Grayal Farr


After 26 years in U.S. Army special operations and intelligence units I got to do the only other thing that ever really appealed to me, archaeology. This combination of careers and interests is nothing unique to me. T. E. Lawrence, "Lawrence of Arabia" was an archaeologist and spy long before his daring exploits in World War I made him famous. Questions about the earliest Americans have always intrigued me most. Through FSU programs and FSU contacts I've been fortunate enough to work on several of the most important Paleoindian sites, from the bottom of the Aucilla River just 25 miles from FSU to arid caves in the high sagebrush desert of Oregon.

And if you're considering a career in military or civilian intelligence, you can't beat archaeology for preparation. Both archaeology and intelligence rely on detailed analysis of necessarily incomplete date to reach important conclusions.

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