FSU Anthropology alumni literally take their anthropology skills around the world. Our students have worked literally all around the world, from Japan, to Hungary, to England, Ireland, France, Mexico, South America and all across the nation.

Archaeological and anthropological expertise for cultural resource management is required in every state and federal entity which ‘manages’ property, either terrestrial or submerged. FSU alumni are currently employed by virtually every Florida and national agency with these responsibilities. Private sector companies also hire our alumni for positions which demand anthropological and archaeological expertise.  The job market is expanding for anthropology students.  Many of our undergraduate students receive training (generally paid) through positions in state and federal agencies with which we have strong, existing and continuing relations stretching back over 35 years. These positions provide student employment, training, experience, and network contacts which are invaluable to career advancement. These student positions are functionally paid internships providing them with significant professional expertise making them ready to enter the job market upon graduation. Florida entities which hire our students include the Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research, Florida Department of State, Florida Park Service, National Park Service, Southeastern Archeology Center, Florida Public Archaeology Network, Mission San Luis, United States Forest Service, U.S. Air Force, NOAA, the SeminoleTribe (to name a few) and local and state cultural resource management firms and museums. All of these entities have provided, and will continue to provide, employment for our students while they are enrolled and after they graduate.

Other alumni, pursuing academic careers are found in universities from Alaska to Washington, California, Tennessee, Arizona, Florida, the Carolinas and across the Atlantic to Hungary. We have a very strong record of placement.

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