Rachel Horlings


I received my BS ('01) and MA ('05) in Anthropology from Florida State University, with both degrees focusing on maritime archaeology. Both my experiences at FSU and the related opportunities for work and research that I received there have been invaluable as I have learned to explore new avenues of research and taken on new challenges in the field. I received my PhD ('11) from Syracuse University, also in Anthropology. My dissertation research, as well as continuing research, is concerned with historical maritime trade in West Africa, concentrating on the Atlantic trade in coastal Ghana. In addition to working in Ghana, I have been part of maritime archaeological investigations in the southeastern US, Turkey, Dominican Republic, and Australia; I also have a terrestrial archaeological research program in Nigeria. I am currently teaching as an adjunct instructor at Syracuse University and Utica College in New York State.

It is with great sadness we note the passing of Dr. Horlings in March 2013. Rachel died while directing her field project in Ghana. Family and friends noted she died doing what she loved. She is sorely missed by all that knew here. Underwater archaeology lost a fine young scholar with a wonderful career in-font of her.


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