Greg Mikell


Florida State University 1980-1983. Not even pursuing a degree in Anthropology, I took a few classes just out of interest and I found a wonderful department with really bright, resourceful, and personable professors and students. Several of theses folks became friends that I still see and communicate with. Included are Rochelle Marrinan and Glen Doran. I even met my wife, now of almost 30 years, in an anthropology class at FSU (Paleopathology - Morse, fall 1982). For fun, I took a field school directed by Glen Doran and I was hooked. That was the summer of 1982. I went on from FSU and earned a graduate degree from Wake Forest University and I have to say that my experience with the Anthropology Department prepared me well. I went on to a career, for better or worse, in cultural resources management, but I have always maintained an intense desire to publish information and data that I view as important in archaeology. I got this from mentors at FSU and a second dose from Wake Forest, but without the FSU experience, I can not see the rest of my career falling into place.

I do work that I love and I often tell people that "I get paid to play in the dirt" - this is a youthful attitude that archaeology is serious business, exciting work, and just plain fun - no matter how hard it is. Thank you Glen, Rochelle, Dr. Daily, Dan Morse, Bruce Piatek, Charlie Ewen, and Russ Skowronek. It was a great experience that has essentially shaped much of my adult life. I am indebted to the anthropology department.

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