Bryan Rill

Bryan Randolph Rill (PhD, Florida State University, 2011)

Positions Held: Assistant Professor (2013-Present) School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Visiting Assistant Professor (2011-2012) Florida State University

Platform Statement

In 2004 I joined the PhD program at FSU. My doctoral research explored empowerment among practitioners of Shugendo, a religion in Japan that blends shamanism, Buddhism, Shinto, and Taoist cosmologies into a complex of ascetic practices. I found that among the practitioners, many of which are lay businessmen and women, meaningful being and empowerment are the key constructs of experience. The theme of personal transformation is central to my current interests. In spiritual traditions, personal introspection and questing, and in business, people are using a variety of methods to cultivate consciousness in ways integral to their sense of purpose and health. After studying these methods across cultures, my interests now lie in designing experiences that facilitate personal transformation.

I am currently a design anthropologist leading the Applied Design Psychology stream at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design. There I founded and direct the Co-Creation Initiative, an applied research programme to facilitate innovation by transforming organizational culture. Field projects include community outreach programs in collaboration with the Green School Bali, as well as designing leadership and integrative wellness retreats.

For the academic community I been a member of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness since 2002, and I am currently President-elect. My vision is to integrate SAC as a key voice in the interdisciplinary field of consciousness research, applying the wisdom learned from decades of combined experience to the increasingly central topic of consciousness.

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