David Thulman


After finishing my PhD in 2006, I moved to the Washington, D.C. area and got a job teaching Ethics & Cultural Property, Human Rights & Ethics, and Archaeology of North America at the George Washington University. I continue to conduct research in Paleoindian issues, mainly using museum collections in Florida for my data. I've published in Geoarchaeology, Journal of Archaeological Science, Current Research in the Pleistocene, and The Florida Anthropologist. I am also the guest editor of a two-volume edition of the Florida Anthropologist being published in April 2012. I've given several lectures for area archaeology societies on Florida Paleoindian archaeology. I was a guest lecturer in the GWU lecture series on the ethics of collecting antiquities. Presently, I am on the Ethics Committee for the Society of American Archaeology.

I've volunteered at the Smithsonian curating material from the Thunderbird site and worked with Mike Johnson on the Blueberry Hill site, near the Cactus Hill site, in southern Virginia. I have several research projects bubbling along including working with Michael Faught on tracing cultural-historical connections in North America from 11k-8k, sorting the temporal and spatial variation in Bolen points in Florida, examining hafting techniques in Paleoindian points, examining structures in brain memory systems to see how they may affect the long-term retention of behaviors that may be visible in the archaeological record, evaluating the effectiveness of using porcelain casts for projectile point replication studies, and exploring the transmission of information in prehistoric hunter-gatherer groups.


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