Course Work Requirements

Students should review all college-wide degree requirements summarized in the "College of Arts and Sciences" section of the current Graduate Bulletin.

Each student seeking a master's degree in the Department of Anthropology must satisfy the following specific course requirements:

    Completion of a minimum of 31 semester hours of graduate course credits, to include 24 hours of graded graduate credit with a B- or better in each course (i.e., not to include courses taken S/U; 18 hours must be anthropology courses and all hours must be 5000-level courses. Special permission may be given to credit 4000-level courses toward this requirement in cases where here is not a 5000-level equivalent.

   Each student is required to take the following core courses (3 hours each), bearing in mind they are only offered once per year:

         ANG 5117: Core Seminar in Archaeology (Fall semester only)

         ANG 5493: Core Seminar in Cultural Anthropology (Fall semester only)

         ANG 5513: Core Seminar in Physical Anthropology (Spring semester only)

         ANG 5002: Proseminar should be taken during the first semester of the student's graduate studies or as soon thereafter as possible (1 hour).

    For the M.A., completion of 6 semester hours of graduate credit in the humanities at the 5000 level. For the M.S., completion of 6 hours in a related science field is recommended but not required.

    Students must also register for ANG 8966: Master's Comprehensive Examination (0 credit hours) during the fall semester of their second year in the program. The examination will be administered during the week before fall semester classes begin and graded during the first month of the fall semester.

    Completion of ANG 5971: Master's Thesis (minimum of 6 semester hours; a maximum of 6 hours may be counted toward completion of credit hour requirements for the degree).

    During the semester in which the thesis is completed, students must register for ANG 5976: Master's Thesis Defense.

    Fieldwork: Students concentrating in archaeology are encouraged to apprise themselves of the current standards of the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA) for certification at the completion of the Master's degree. We recommend that students that have not previously participated in an academic field school of 6 weeks or more in duration and that included survey, mapping, and excavation, should take the FSU Archaeological Field School during the course of their graduate studies.

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