Geoffrey Thomas

G Thomas 2022

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Department of Anthropology
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Carraway Building CAR 318
(850) 644-8156
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Spring 2023 – Office Hours
Monday and Wednesday 2:30 - 3:30pm


In 2005, I completed the 4+1 program at Tulane University earning my Bachelors and Masters Degrees. In 2011 I earned my Doctoral degree from Florida State University under Frank Marlowe and Lynne Schepartz.

Since the Fall of 2011 I have been a Specialized Teaching Professor in Anthropology, teaching 3 courses per semester. I have also taken on the role of Undergraduate Advisor and Director of the Human Remains Collections.

I was awarded a Florida State University Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award in 2015-2016.

Research Interests and Activities:

  • Skeletal Biology
  • Subadult Growth and Development
  • Functional Morphology and Biomechanics
  • Hunter-Gatherer Lifeways
  • Evolutionary Theory
  • Paleopathology


  • ANT 2301 Evolution of Human Sexuality
  • ANT 2511 Introduction to Physical Anthropology
  • ANT 3300 Masculinity in Global Perspective 
  • ANT 3520 Introduction to Forensic Anthropology
  • ANT 4586 Human Evolution
  • ANT 4525 Human Osteology
  • ANT 4468  Bones, Bodies & Disease
  • IDS 3933  Who Owns the Past

Select Publications and Professional Projects:

Submitted 2019 - Diversity of Upper Limb Asymmetry in Three Archaic Hunter-Gatherer Populations. AJPA.

2018 - Baumeister, R.F., J.A. Maxwell, G.P. Thomas, and K.D. Vohs. The Mask of Love and Sexual Gullibility. In: J. Forgas & R. Baumeister (Eds.), The psychology of gullibility. New York: Routledge Psychology Press.

2018 – Boren, S., D. Slice, G.P.Thomas. Morphometric analysis of shape differences in WIndover and Point Hope archaic human mandibles. AJPA. 1-12

2016  -  G.P. Thomas. 8,000 year old case of thalassemia from the Windover, Florida skeletal  population. International Journal of Paleopathology. Vol. 14C: 81-90   

GPThomas 2016 - Thalassemia at Windover.pdf

2016  -  G.H. Doran and G.P. Thomas. Windover: an Overview.  In Mesolithic burials – Rites, symbols and social organization of early postglacial communities. Edited by: Judith Grunberg, Bernhard Gramsch, Lars Larson, Jorg Orschiedt, and Harald Meller. Halle: Landesmuseum Halle, 865-884

MesoBurials 2013_Doran-Thomas (compressed).pdf

2011  -  Patterns in Adult and Subadult Upper Limb Asymmetry from North American Archaic and Mississippian Populations. Doctoral Dissertation, Department of Anthropology, Florida State University, Tallahassee.

Research Papers in Development:

Thomas, G.P. Patterns in Subadult Upper Limb Asymmetry from North American Archaic and Mississippian Populations and the Effects of Culturally Specific Behaviors.

Thomas, G.P. Windover: Not your Typical Hunter-Gatherer.

Research Projects:

2016  -  Project Leader for the digitization of the Windover collection (8BR246). In conjunction with the FSU Digital Library Services, I am heading a project to digitize all field note, excavation unit forms, shovel test forms, images, maps, X-rays, and logs created during the excavation of the Windover burial pond between the 1984-1986 field seasons. They will then be housed and available through FSUs digital repository.

DigiNole: Windover Archaeological Site Collection