Dr. K. Ann Horsburgh

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K Ann Horsburgh is a biological anthropologist, and the director of the FSU Molecular Anthropology Research Group. She earned her PhD in anthropology at Stanford University (2008), after earning a BA (Anthropology, BSc (Biological Sciences) and an MA (Hons, Anthropology) at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. The Molecular Anthropology Research Group uses modern laboratory techniques to address classic anthropological questions, and embraces anthropology’s long tradition of scavenging for insight across other disciplines and thus employs theoretical and methodological approaches from across the social and life sciences. The lab is currently focussed on formulating biocultural models of health and disease, in particular on interrogating the role of stress in well-being, using a range of ethnographic methods and laboratory assays of endocrinological biomarkers and epigenetic markings.