Dr. Elizabeth Peters

Associate Professor
Dr. Elizabeth Peters

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Department of Anthropology
Office Location
Carraway Building CAR_303
(850) 644-8148
Office Hours

Spring 2023 - Office Hours
Friday Noon to 2:00pm


Dr. Elizabeth H Peters is a biological anthropologist with an interest in behavioral evolution. She received her Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Florida in 1983. Her early research was with non-human primates and included field work studying vocal behavior in free-ranging rhesus monkeys. More recently her academic interests focus on human development from an evolutionary and cross-cultural perspective. She teaches ANT 2416 Childhood Around the World, ANT 4552 Primate Behavior, ANT 4553 Great Apes and ANT 2000 Introduction to Anthropology. She has also taught courses on Human Evolution, Language Origins, Infancy and a community outreach course called Mobile Museum Programs. Her publications include contributions to theory, primate behavior and human development. She enjoys providing public school talks on subjects like the fossil evidence for human evolution, the place of humans in the natural world and the scientific importance of field studies of great apes and other primates.

Field of Study:

  • Biological Anthropology
  • Primate Behavior
  • Human Development
  • Language Origins
  • Behavioral Evolution


  • ANT2000 - Introduction of Anthropology
  • ANT2416 - Childhood World
  • ANT4552 - Primate Behavior
  • ANT4553 - The Great Apes