Study Areas in Anthropology

Archaeology – “Archaeology is the scientific study of humanity through the excavation and analysis of material remains, such as artifacts, architecture, animal and plant remains, and cultural landscapes. It encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including anthropology, history, geology, and biology, to reconstruct and understand past human societies and cultures.”

ANT 2100 – Introduction to Archaeology
ANT 2511 – Introduction to Physical Anthropology
ANT 3101 – Fundamental of archaeology
ANT 3141 – World Prehistory
ANT 4034 – History of Anthropology
ANT 4041 – Museum Anthropology
ANT 4118 - Geoarchaeology
ANT 4145 – Origins of Complex Societies
ANT 4153 – North American Archaeology
ANT 4185 - Paleonutrition
ANT 4188 – Artifact Analysis
ANT 4312 – Contemporary Native American Cultures
ANT 4465 – Foodways Archaeology
ANT 4468 – Bones bodies and disease
ANT 4525 – Human Osteology
ANT 4586 – Human Evolution
ANT 4824 – Archaeology Fieldwork
ANT 4824 – Archaeology Fieldwork
ANG 5074 – Seminar in Geospatial
Special Topics Courses
ANT 4930 – Ancient Hawaii
ANT 2xxx – Fantastic Archaeology

Cultural Anthropology – “Cultural anthropology focuses on the study of human cultures and societies. It explores the diversity of human behavior, beliefs, practices, customs, and institutions across different societies and historical periods. Cultural anthropologists seek to understand the complexities of human life by examining how people create meaning, organize social relationships, and adapt to their environments. Cultural anthropologists conduct fieldwork, often living among the communities they study for an extended period, to observe and participate in daily life, rituals, ceremonies, and social interactions.”

ANT 2000 – Introduction to Anthropology
ANT 2410 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANT 3212 – Peoples of the World
ANT 3300 – Masculinity in Global Perspective
ANT 3451 – Race, Biology, and Culture
ANT 3610 - Language and Culture
ANT 4034 - History of Anthropology
ANT 4241 - Anthropology of Religion
ANT 4302 - Sex and Culture

Biological Anthropology  - “Biological anthropology, also known as physical anthropology, is a subfield of anthropology that focuses on the biological and evolutionary aspects of human beings and their closest relatives, including primates. It encompasses a wide range of topics related to human biology, evolution, behavior, and adaptation, as well as the study of primates and other non-human primates. One of the central goals of biological anthropology is to understand the biological origins and diversity of the human species. This includes studying human evolution, genetics, anatomy, physiology, and behavior, as well as the interactions between biology and culture in shaping human societies.”

ANT 2511 – Introduction to Biological Anthropology
ANT 2301 - Evolution of Human Sexuality
ANT 3520 – Introduction to Forensic Anthropology
ANT 3451 - Race: Biology and Culture
ANT 4468 – Bones bodies and disease
ANT 4525 - Human Osteology
ANT 4586 - Human Evolution
ANT 4553 – Great Apes/Primate Behavior
ANT 4185 - Paleonutrition
ANT 4533 - Anthropology of Infancy
Special Topics Courses
ANT 4930 - Evolutionary Medicine
ANT 4930 - One Health

Medical/Health Anthropology -  “Medical anthropology is a subfield of anthropology that examines the cultural, social, and environmental factors shaping health, illness, and healing practices across different societies and populations. It explores how cultural beliefs, practices, and social structures influence people's experiences of health and illness, as well as their access to healthcare services and resources. Medical anthropologists study a wide range of topics, including traditional healing systems, biomedical practices, healthcare inequalities, the social determinants of health, the impact of globalization on health, and the intersection of culture and biomedicine in clinical settings. By taking a holistic approach that considers the interconnectedness of culture, biology, and society, medical anthropology seeks to improve healthcare delivery, promote health equity, and address health-related challenges facing diverse communities worldwide.”

ANT 4462 - Intro to Medical Anthropology
ANT 4302 – Sex Roles and Culture
Special Topics Courses
ANT 4930 – Evolutionary Medicine
ANT 4930 – One Health